One hour in Paris

Ahh Paris, the city of love! When you think of Paris, you think baguettes, Frenchmen with curly moustaches, romance, mimes, berets, the accent and the Eiffer Tower. Paris is much, much more than this. I can't say that I fell in love with Paris like many others, but I can say it taught me a... Continue Reading →

London Calling

London has always been a destination of interest for me. It's rich history, and it's ongoing traditions are fascinating, and although some aspects of London felt similar to home, it also felt so different at the same time. If there is one thing I love about travel, it is uncovering the history of places, and... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Travel Tips for Europe

Travelling through Europe can seem daunting if you have never visited a non-English speaking country before. My greatest worry when planning for my first trip to Europe was that I would not be able to communicate with people in countries where I did not know the language. I also wanted to make sure I respected... Continue Reading →

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