Top Tips: Holiday Spending Money

Figuring out how much spending money to take on a trip can always be tricky. It’s always hard to know how much you’re going to need and even trickier when you have to convert your money to different currencies. I always prefer to be on the safe side and plan to take more than I think I will need. You never know what unexpected costs could pop up along the way, you may need money in an emergency, or perhaps you will get a little overly excited and spend too much on souvenirs in one location; it’s impossible to know exactly what you will spend before you go.

For my 3 week trip to Europe last year I converted $3000AUD to Pounds and Euros ($1000AUD per week). I was able to spend my money without worrying about whether or not I would have enough left, and indulged in food and drink, bought plenty of souvenirs without worry of running out of money (I was more worried about whether or not they would fit in my suitcase). I was away for 21 days and this worked out to be just under $150AUD a day. I managed to come home with money still left on my travel card, and some Pounds and Euros still in my wallet.

This year I am aiming to save $150AUD per day for my 5 week trip. All up I’m hoping to have $5,400AUD saved to convert in to various currencies. How much you take also depends on the exchange rate, and how expensive the places you are travelling to are. Look in to the exchange rate for the currencies you need and google search to see what other people have done in the past.

If you are on a tight budget, you may decide to be strict on your spending while away, and only purchase few souvenirs and eat cheap. It really does depend on your situation and budget needs. Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer for this one. My main tip is to save more than you think you need, just in case!

Happy Saving!

Intrepid Cat

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