Plan Tours and Sightseeing

There are many different ways to sight see in countries. You may wish to explore on your own, at your own pace, and enjoy finding your way to various locations. You may wish to join day tours or jump on a hop on, hop off bus. Travelling with tours or on a hop on, hop off bus does not mean you are completely lacking in freedom. I prefer to book day tours, and to make use of the hop on, hop off bus systems as it takes away a lot of the stress of planning how I’m going to navigate my way around unfamiliar cities. City Sightseeing is a great hop on, hop off provider, with buses running in many different countries and cities. You meet lots of new, different and interesting people from all over the world, and you can almost be sure that the people on the tours you book will be like minded. You might even run in to them again! The day after our Disneyland tour during our trip to Paris last year, we ran in to one of the couples we had met; it’s a small world! There are many different tour providers and each of the tours varies in one way or another.

  1. Research
    The first thing I do when planning my tours and sightseeing is research the best things to do in each of the cities I am visiting. I read reviews on where people have been and what they enjoyed the most, I search through articles and look on websites such as Lonely Planet.
  2. Make a list
    Anyone who knows me well knows that I love lists. If you’re obsessed with organisation, you will understand where I am coming from. From my research I make a list of places I would like to go and see if I can fit in visits to these sites during my stay. If I have too many, I take away one or two I am not as excited about and leave those for a future trip.
  3. Search 
    Search for tours to your selected sites and compare tours offered by different companies. A simple google search can provide you with different company websites which you can look through. I much prefer to search on websites such as Expedia. Expedia pulls up lots of tours offered by various companies and you can quickly see tour prices. Viator is another great website that also sorts through various tours for you. Not all tours can be found through this search, so if you are unhappy with what comes up, you can try a broader google search.
  4. Choose
    Choose the tour that best suits you. Make sure it fits in with your budget and always double check the pick up point is in the city you are staying in.
  5. Record your tour selection
    Create a table in a word document for all of your tour information. Write down the tour name, the cost and the company running the tour. In your main table find the date you are planning on participating in the tour and record the tour name, pick up point address and start and end time.

There are tours available for almost everything! Many tours just pick you up and take you directly to the site, and then you are free to explore, others take you around the site. Be sure to check that the tour you have selected runs on the day you want to go. IMG_3620
Above: Harry Potter Studios Tour from London.

Intrepid Cat

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